“I don’t paint THINGS, I paint feelings!”

I didn’t intend to say that.  The words just came out when my husband stood before my latest painting and asked me, “Soooo…what IS that?!”

I was trying to explain that just because he didn’t have a word for the little styrofoam bubbles I had glued to my canvas didn’t mean that they were a bad idea.  In fact, if I don’t know what it is, I usually like it more.  Because then I have to figure out WHAT it is.  intriguing texture.  dumb mistake.  Or “phase one”.  But mostly I like just about anything you might feel.

You have likely figured out that he processes art by analyzing it with his mind.  He needs to understand it before he can appreciate it.  And I was put on this planet to blow a hole in his analysis.

Likewise, he challenges my lack of analysis.

Welcome to my blog.

“I don’t paint …

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4 thoughts on ““I don’t paint …

  1. userdand says:

    I write feelings. All that I write may not be art, but it is truth. I write my emotions, I write what I feel are the emotions of others. Like you, I choose to freely create which enables me to maintain my integrity. At times, sharing truth can be a painful process.

  2. I can relate! When I write, It’s usually an attempt to capture a feeling. And I usually fall far short of what I intended. But sometimes I get it just right, and the scene takes on a life of its own and surprises me.

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