Five years ago this canvas looked very different.  It was filled with circles and outlines of intersecting pieces, and lacked as much inspiration as you can imagine.

But…I needed a new canvas, and my husband didn’t like it anyway, so it got covered up.  I am not too sentimental about most of my old work, and feel, to a certain degree that all work is in process anyway, so I didn’t shed a tear about covering it over.

I was initially going to make the entire background with the dark color, but I was so smitten with the way it looked like rain, that I kept playing with it.

Now it shows beautifully how the rain and the sun fall down on us, and we become a part of the results of both.  The flowers are covered in a pearlescent paint, which can only be viewed in certain light.  The presence of the rain is also captured in gloss, so it looks like it is currently falling.

Acrylic on Canvas
by Misty Bedwell


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