“The song of One”


Most people will look at this painting and miss it. Sure, they will see the colors, and recognize that it depicts a beautiful piece of scenery. But the inspiration beneath this piece is so tiny, that if you want pause to look, you will not regret it.

It is a song. And as you realize that the tiny little bird has captured the entire scene, it’s as though you can hear his gift. Although he is very much alone, his song calls out to those who would see and hear.

And to those who notice him, he blesses. It really only takes one who knows his purpose to inspire others to walk in theirs. Look closely.


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6 thoughts on ““The song of One”

  1. userdand says:

    It would be good thing to be a little bird in the life of someone I’ve no doubt; to have your song heard, to inspire. Perhaps that is the purpose of the little bird and that is why he goes unseen by most. His true purpose in life is to share a song, to inspire the creation of beauty, not flash his own plumage about. Leave it to you to find a way to honor the little bird. You found a way to visualize how his song brings light, color and joy into a world that he does not always share. A world that may, at times, seem barren to those who cannot hear and see him and share in the song. They only have to look beyond the horizon.

    I think you have blessed the little bird as he apparently has blessed you.

    • feelingpaint says:

      That brought tears to my eyes! I had never thought of it that way. I mean, I knew there was a message there, and a song…as well as a hiding place in the midst of the presence of peace…but that was captivating. That you for putting it into words like that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. userdand says:

    It touched me as most of your creations do, but just a little deeper apparently. I felt blessed and at peace just looking at it. It reminds me of singing at my brother-in-laws funeral. My sister-in-law stood, hugged and thanked me when I was done. I had blessed her and her husband, and it was only a song from a first time singer who was just a little frightened but determined to relieve another’s pain. Such a simple little gift for someone to feel so blessed. I’m so glad I didn’t loose courage and faith in the one Who strengthens me to see me through it. I started strong and didn’t choke once. I got to be blessed as someone’s little bird. 🙂

    • feelingpaint says:

      You have definitely touched on much of the sentiment behind this one. The one who will receive it at Christmas has dealt with loss in large quantities. It really is so meaningful to be a part of ministering to someone elses heart despite our personal reservations and fear. It is interesting to me that you also picked up on the fear, because I felt very vulnerable while painting it and experienced it while I worked on it.

  3. userdand says:

    “Fighter” exposed feelings of fear and vulnerability about mortality and loss which created a need for you to paint yourself into peace and safety with “Secret Place” and hope and promise with “The Song of One.” Yeah, I know. “Quit doing that!” It scares me too sometimes, but I can’t contain it. It pushes its way out. Live with it I guess. Sorry.

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