why I give things away all year round [not just at Christmas]

There is a story behind every painting I create. Some stories are full of symbolism, emotional and prophetic, while others bring healing, and still others will hang on walls as daily reminders of love.

I have created a simple [yet personal] philosophy that works for me:  I do not sell my paintings; I give them.

Please don’t judge me harshly. I do not do this out of fear or insecurity or to spite an entire genre of talent, I simply do it because it is what I want to do. I do not sit in judgment of artists who sell their paintings…I believe there is enough room in this world for ALL of us with ALL our different thoughts and feelings and talents to be fully vulnerable and fully alive and fully ourselves. Selling or showing or not, we can each do our own thing and still be following our unique calling.

And this, my friends, is mine. It is important for me to do this and to do it this way!

Having said that, it doesn’t mean I’m not looking for someone to sponsor my journey.  Supplies are expensive, and I don’t currently have a job that pays (volunteer only).

However, it really doesn’t matter in the long run, I will still do what I have to do. For me, my life is fulfilling when it is freely given. It’s who I want to be when I grow up.

So…perhaps now you are wondering…

how do I get me one of those paintings?!

Well, I don’t have it all figured out, my friends. Up to this point there have been paintings I have created with someone already in mind and some that were created only with the “Message” in mind.  All I know is that when you show interest through comments or likes, it matters to me. It helps me decide.  Yet, I’m not looking for attention or a following… so I refuse to stifle inspiration by making lists and having contests. And it’s new, so I am open to change. I just have to stay true to what I feel called to do and figure the rest out.

So basically, I don’t know.  I pray for inspiration.  I pray when I am painting.  And I pray when I give.  When the timing is right, it could be you.

Don’t let that stop you from being inspired and generous in your life.

“freely you have received, freely give”

With all my bristles,
Misty Bedwell

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13 thoughts on “why I give things away all year round [not just at Christmas]

  1. I think that is freekin’ awesome!

  2. userdand says:

    Create as you are inspired and give from the same place. I am looking for ways to give too. My giving looks like it will be a challenge for me as I have not been gifted to the degree you have. I feel led to give in an area way beyond my comfort zone so I guess there is a lesson for the learning and that will be the gift I get in return. I will need to do some mental housecleaning as I go along and that may be part of the process of giving. I have to keep in mind that the worth of the gift is not determined by how worthy the giver feels aobut themselves.

    • feelingpaint says:

      I understand what you are saying. I wrote a post today about how I separate the “being” from the “doing” and then they come again together at the end. Please don’t forget that it is God who determines how precious the gift is…You have blessed me in many ways with your words of encouragement. A great gift to me.

    • userdand says:

      Be careful there. I’ll have to get the jumbo gravatar for my bigger head if you persist in talking like that. You were saying…? 🙂

  3. userdand says:

    As to art supplies, HOFA reads like a possible helpful support for your ministry. Yes, or not so?

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