how to be priceless

Out of curiosity, my husband asked me why I was  “announcing” that I paint for FREE. “Why make a big deal out of it?” he said.  Others may agree that I now have a classic case of “losing your crown in heaven” because of all the praise I will be receiving from people now that I’ve said it out loud.

How very unhumble of me.

Well, I’d like to explain my process, so that you can understand why I had to do it.  Because it most certainly wasn’t always this way.  Those who have known me for years would say they never even knew I was an artist or could paint.  I hid it quietly.

In fact, I felt like that was the right thing to do.  That is, until just recently.  The change, I believe is the result of maturity, humility and character.

Gasp.  Ack.  There she goes again.  Now she’s really crossing the line.

I know, right?  Who says these things of themselves?  Well, I guess I’m finally realizing that it’s okay to look at who I am through God’s eyes.  And finally, I can see me.

I’d like to propose that what seemed so humble before was actually just hiding in, around, and behind my gift.  Basically, I buried it.  I was safe from criticism and responsibility that way, or so I thought.

But let’s just saying it like it is.  And it’s time for me to step out and invest.  What am I investing in?  Well, I like to think that if you are reading this, I am investing in YOU.  No longer am I holding my passion in until I have “arrived” and become approved.  I’m actually there right now.  I’ve never been more there…I just “get it” now.

I want you to see what I’m doing and be challenged.  Be inspired.  Ask yourself what you are doing with your resources.

Just try it.  Look at yourself through God’s eyes again.  Ask Him who you are to Him.  You might just be surprised at what He says.

You don’t have to DO things to please Him.  He loves you for who you ARE.  Personally, that incredibly good news makes me want to DO THINGS to please HIM…becuase it makes me so incredibly happy.

If you want to be priceless, all you have to do is believe that you already are.  Now…what are you going to do about it?

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10 thoughts on “how to be priceless

  1. Danielle says:

    So beautiful Misty…because (ironically) it gives God ALL the glory!

  2. I wrote u such a passionate note…. And it’s gone, I’m sad…..

  3. userdand says:

    Using the logic of the first paragraph, then we should not witness how our lives have changed for the better because it could be misconstrued as showing pride? I think not. Your purpose was to acknowledge your gift and how you have been led to apply it to enrich the lives of others and encourage them to share their gifts for God’s glory. Don’t be loosing any sleep over this one. I’ll stipulate to you being “right” on this one, but don’t be getting the big head over it. 😀 Speaking of heads, isn’t it about time for a new do or some brash new swath of color in those strands?

  4. Dave says:

    Misty, I really appreciate you putting this out there. I’ve been wanting to paint again but, like you said ” you where holding your passion in until You have “arrived” and became approved”. I’ve been feeling the same way. I like how you look at yourself as God does now. I think I’m going pick up my brush again. Thank you!

  5. Sandie says:

    When we give of ourselves…it comes back to us. It is a true act of God for us to give through the gifts He has give to us…something we all struggle with. May God bless you in ways that bring you closer to Him. Which is God’s desire for us…Merry Christmas

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