“life time”

This painting reads like a diary, if you can read between the branches.  Let’s pretend it’s yours.

Throughout life, opportunities exist. You will be pressed to respond to outward circumstances, and be able to make up your own!  The trees in this painting represent your life’s adventures. Some trees grow taller than others as nourishment and seasons vary, but each bears fruit as you use your resources to feed and heal others.

This painting was an “audience participation” project.  I was supplied with the clock face to fit in the canvas, and took the risk to slice into it with a knife knowing that I may have to start over again if I got it wrong.  But isn’t that just typical?

The risk was worth it. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


Acrylic on canvas:  Misty Bedwell


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3 thoughts on ““life time”

  1. userdand says:

    The trees are reminscent of Sis’ doodle on Delightful Oak. Are you two mind-melding?

    What are those three significant adventures of your life you have show us? No, I don’t expect you to tell us. Time seems infinite when applied to a seemingly boundless universe; however, when we direct our focus inward to that which matters most, we begin to realize how finite time actually is. Will there be enough time to live, to love, to give; to leave the world a better place because we were here?

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