“shine on me”

A silhouetted bird sits under the quiet communion of a slivered moon, with the expectation of hope. Hidden among the branches, yet touched by the moon’s glow, his heart cries “see me…know me…love me.” Up to this point, there was too much fear to courageously reach out and be known…people might not like what they know. But this quiet moment, the heart allows itself to be reflected, just as the moon reflects the sun; and peace shines for a time.


Acrylic on canvas
by Misty Bedwell

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13 thoughts on ““shine on me”

  1. Sis says:

    Love the painting, so pretty.

  2. Dan says:

    So prolific with this vulnerability theme. Familiar words shared in a not too-distant past. Friends beginning to take an emotional risk. On purpose. Let it shine.

  3. Dan says:

    On a less romantic note, as to the moon reflecting the sun and as a guy familiar with lighting, I find this amazing: Distance of sun to moon is app. 93,000,000 miles. Distance from moon to Earth is app. 239,000 miles. Being an excellent photographer, you have no doubt bounced a light off of a white foam/ bead board or flex fill at some time for a smudgier look with a very soft, almost imperceptible shadow. This is exactly what the sun is doing with the moon, but with so much efficiency that even though light travels 93+ million miles to bounce off of a dull, grayish, uneven surface and then travels another 239 thousand miles to Earth, it is still strong enough to throw a crisp, single shadow on the ground during a full moon. How absolutely amazing is that. If I bounced an 18,000 watt par light off of the side of a white building the effect would not carry a mile. You could see the building from a mile away, but not see the effect of the bounced light.

    As to refraction, my photographer friend. have you ever seen an abnormally crisp shadow on a wall and knew by its quality that it was a reflection from a window somewhere on a car in the lot or a building across the street? Of course you have, but what has that to do with lenses inquiring minds want to know?

    The next time the sun is low in the spring or late fall, when the leaves are either smaller or fewer and the light more easily passes through them, take notice of that abnormally crisp shadow made my items that pass through a select beam of light passing through those leaves. The effect will only last a few minutes at most. When the light source (sun) aligns with a series of leaves through the body of the trees, that pathway traveled can become a refractive lens and focus that sunlight into a pinpoint source causing that extremely sharp shadow; a shadow far sharper than that created by the sun alone. At times, with tree with particularly profuse intersecting limbs, this effect can happen in winter. Yeah. I love playing with light. If you have never noticed this before now, like me, you always will. Enjoy and be amazed.

    • feelingpaint says:

      Very cool! One of my fav things to do is be amazing and not even know it! I’m not sure if you are asking what was shining on the canvas, but there was only generally diffused light on the canvas. Everything you see there was painted on. Thanks for enjoying it 🙂

  4. Dan says:

    I just noticed what happens to my little quilt square gravatar on this site. Aren’t you the tricky one? Judging by its appearance, it makes random applicaton suspect.

  5. I love that. darkness and light. could be snow or dust motes or planets. might be Earth or maybe not.

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