“heaven’s answer”

under a dusk-painted sky
two birds renew
their song of hope
perched under heaven’s answer
to their shadow’s tune
caught in a vision
seen by the light
feeling restoration
an old soul shines bright


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4 thoughts on ““heaven’s answer”

  1. wait… I saw this one already, didn’t I???

    • feelingpaint says:

      No, but I did these two (this one and the last one) at the same time. This one has two birds in it. And the first one has sparkles coming out of a moon. This one has yellow sunshine spray. And now that I’ve picked them apart like that in those words I want to hit myself. They are similar.

    • No, they are two sides of a coin. I am usually good at spotting subtle differences in colors and details, but so much going on right now. That was my bad. It is never wrong to do two similar things in art… how many times does a band practice a song before they get it right?

    • feelingpaint says:

      So true about the band thing. It can be fun to have two versions of the same song too, especially if you are playing it all the time. There were some new techniques I wanted to try with this one, and I enjoyed feeling like I was “safe to practise” on the one.

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