sometimes I dip my paintbrush in coffee

…aaaaaand sometimes I dip it in tea. It’s not my fault that I have no where else on the table to put my mug. Not really. Besides, the elevated risk of slowly poisoning myself with paint keeps life that much more exciting.

Speaking of excitement, here are some other ways I like to keep the colors flowing in front of the canvas:  

I think about all the strange things I’m afraid of, like…

1. Hitting the end of paint tube (admittedly like coming to the end of a chocolate bar. sniff. over too soon.) Looks like it’s time for larger paint tubes!

2. Getting paint on my clothes (AGAIN? stupid stupid stupid.)

3. Getting it juuuuuust right only to find…a hair. or a ball of hair. lint? grrrr…

4. People coming into my studio dining room and recognizing that’s not a tarp on my floor…its a used plastic mattress pad!

5. I dislike spiders, I’m not afraid of them…totally not going with spiders here. Although sometimes I wonder what would happen if a spider made a web on my canvas. That would be inspired.

6. Giving a painting to someone who doesn’t like it or want it (now that was honest!)

“Keep the coffee on, my friends…”


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4 thoughts on “sometimes I dip my paintbrush in coffee

  1. Dan says:

    I don’t have that problem. The paint roller won’t fit in the mug. LInt balls from the cheap rollers on the wall is a problem though, especially with glossy paints

  2. Put an old cup there for your brushes
    Wear an apron or smock
    Shave your head
    Paint a picture of a spider

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