what do you do when you are uninspired?

Today my stomach hurts, and I feel tired. As much as I tried to avoid any sort of obligatory painting, I have committed to a gala in March and want to create something for that. I also have a few concepts in mind that I would like to paint; and instead of feeling colorful, I feel gray. Perhaps I should paint something in gray tones just to see how it turns out…

I know what I want to paint, but not HOW I need to paint it. I am unsure of the canvas size, and where to start. Sigh.

I understand that it is unsustainable to be full of inspiration all the time. But I wish it could happen, and at times I have even thought that it was possible. Perhaps I should just take these colorless moments to relax and ask myself some questions.

I decided to write because I wanted to be real about it. It’s going to be a journey.

To answer my own question…what do I do when I am uninspired? Well, I am going to get on my knees. I really have no other options.

Lord, you have given me gifts to steward; of that there is no doubt. I want to use them very much, but sometimes I am very aware of how led I am emotionally. This particular gift rises out of emotion. Please teach me how to find peace no matter what place I am at in the journey because I rely on you. No comparisons. No competition. No pressure. Just peace. And listening to Your Voice. Tears fall in desire to paint with You, not just for You. I don’t want to paint alone. Reveal Your presence to me.

Smile. There You are.

And…now the canvas awaits.


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12 thoughts on “what do you do when you are uninspired?

  1. Dan says:

    And what makes you think gray isn’t what He desires? God often take us in a direction that goes counter to our will and desire and is not immediately pleasing to us but is within His perfect will. Perhaps you should submit?

  2. Danielle says:

    your raw honesty is beautiful and refreshing Misty…thank you for the incredible reminder that God does not desire for us to do FOR him, but WITH him…was reading Henri Nouwen today…about living with outstretched hands that allow God to lead us (where we may not want to go), but that this is the true nature of following an unpredictable but always loving God…blessings:)
    Your paintings continue to leave me in awe…

  3. That was nice. You could also get yourself some cranial crack squirrels. They are a pain to take care of, but they never run out of crazy ideas.

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