pickles from the peanut gallery

I’m not saying that I always want to be alone when I’m painting…but…

I’m just saying it could be easier.

This is what I got from a little person in a span of 30 seconds today:

“Is that water or grass?”
“Why is that blue?”
“Trees again? Are you ever going to paint anything different? Aren’t you bored of trees yet?”
“No offence, but that actually doesn’t LOOK like a tree…”

I’d prefer peanuts. Things like “yay mom, you’re a rock star” and “I want to be awesome like you one day.”

But pickles are okay too…I suppose. I guess I can put them in my jar and twist the lid on it. When I think about it, I don’t actually WANT the peanut gallery to leave me alone. I just want to learn how to be okay with the nattering.

Here’s a thought:

“It’s not water or grass…it’s outer space, you can’t tell?”
“It’s blue because I’ve been weeping on the canvas and look what happened!”
“I’ve been living with you your whole life and I’m not bored of YOU yet!”
“No offence taken. You don’t look like an adult either.”


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5 thoughts on “pickles from the peanut gallery

  1. That was mystical… and deep and moving and funny and sad and artsy…

  2. Dan says:

    Perhaps you might have them make a list of things you could THINK about painting, no promises. On those days when inspiration doesn’t come calling, work on their painting. Do they have a custom painting done by you that they have “commissioned.” Or is that just for those YOU feel fit your calling and ministry? You may be missing a leading and the bigger picture here. They may want some love to hang on their wall that will mean more with the passage of time. “That’s the painting I asked my mother to do for me when I was just a kid. I think of her every time I look at it.” Just a thought.

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