what’s inside

Gentleness. What a concept to begin a painting with. Ironically, the lady I was making it for has been whooping my ass in bootcamp for over a year now. But I hold closely to a definition of gentleness that stirs me deeply.

Sometimes we think that if something is gentle it is also fragile. Actually gentleness is “power under control.” It’s the ability to maintain great power, but keep the ability to cry.

Pause. And there I go, amazed by that word again. There is much depth in it to ponder. My journey was trying to figure out how to capture this beauty effectively on canvas.

When I finally got the picture in my mind, it was about a month before I had a chance to paint it, and when it was the right time, I was so excited to work it out in paint. In fact, I did little else (in other words, my house is a mess!)


But it was all worth it. The tree is such a symbol of strength, especially on the outside. The twist is that it is merely a shell, an exterior that shelters a tender heart. A heart of wisdom, vulnerability, and fiercely protected.

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18 thoughts on “what’s inside

  1. Dan says:

    Love that little owl peering out. Isn’t that interesting? What if it’s a very big tree? Then it’s no longer a little owl. Why would I choose little? Perhaps because I choose to protect gentle things that are little in size or strength.

    • feelingpaint says:

      I believe it is little, but I think its impression is little because it’s hiding or has the appearance of hiding. Personally, with those eyes I feel like s/he really wants to be seen and known. It’s just a matter of timing.

    • Dan says:

      Seen and known. Square one. She isn’t hiding out of fear of realizing herself and her potential, she is hiding to be safe from rejection. If she comes out and lets herself be fully revealed, will she still be loved. “Is it safe to be me the me you do not see or know? Is it safe to come out now? Or do I hide and wait a while longer. At least this me is loved. Will they love the new me. The REAL me.” All in the timing. It’s so difficult living with the incessant ticking though. The infinite ticking of the the continuously turning clock.

      Time really is not infinite. Not on earth. The vastness of the universe may decieve us into thinking so. but it’s an illusion. My oldest daughter’s father-in-law, a really great guy, died of a massive heart attack this moring. Time is so very finite. Don’t wait too long, little bird.

    • feelingpaint says:

      I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of your daughter’s father in law…will say a prayer for the family.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks Kiddo.

  2. Fantastic painting and it well represents the concept. Way to go!

  3. Sis says:

    I love it, precious

  4. That is just superb…

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  6. Lovely painting. I remember creating a painting for someone and they rejected it. It was quite devastating, but then I put it up for a ballot among friends, many entered as they liked it so much and someone I never would have guessed would like my art won it and was over the moon. Nice to see and read your blog, Gorgeous, thanks for visiting mine.

    • feelingpaint says:

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. I refused to paint for years because of the fear of rejection, but I’m trying to push through that. I love your blog…it has colors and whimsy but depth to the meaning behind them.

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