pressing the “reset” button

I learned early on when sparring (in boxing) that one mistake quickly leads to a compounding frustration that sets an entire series of mistakes in motion simply because I am still reeling from the first hit…and the hits keep on coming.

To resist this downward series of breath-holding blunders, I had to learn to find a “reset” button. For me, it was as silly as touching my nose, and I was able to forgive and focus. As I developed this technique, I was able to breathe through the entire process, whether winning or losing and stay on top of my game. Guess what? I’m much more efficient if I’m not beating myself up for all my mistakes. Brilliant.

That skill now transfers to painting. I was working on one that was colorful and beautiful, but when I was “finished,” it still didn’t have any flow. In an attempt to try to fix that, I bravely attempted to paint more layers…but eventually I found what helped me the most: I started over.

When I am finished the “re-start” version I will post both pictures so you can see the painting that wasn’t working, and the “reset” version.

So here’s my thought: Stop beating yourself up over your mistakes; everyone makes them. Find your “reset” button and get back in the game!

Touching my nose now…


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11 thoughts on “pressing the “reset” button

  1. Good thoughts, Misty! And such a cute illustration!

  2. How can something so tasty be so cute?
    It isn’t fair!
    You know I’m talking about the cow, right?

  3. Trent Lewin says:

    Just ignore that sunglass’d guy. Reset. Repeat. Rinse.

  4. Dan says:

    The tongue sticking out. How appropriate. What was missing was the forelock dyed some brassy color. Thanks for the reset technique. I’ll give it a try, not that I ever make mistakes of course, and not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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