“wide awake”

At first glance, they appear safe. But how safe are they…really?

The sun is dawning on the wind. The smells of a slowly heating valley find their way to three nocturnal noses…spending the last moments of their day standing at attention. What happens next could be very important.

This painting is a prophetic call from the Creator of the wilderness to “wake up.

But why? What dangers could possibly be lurking under a canopy of beauty as this? Surely sleep is more beneficial, you know, to one’s health.

Like Jesus’ parables, many hear but not understand. “Nice picture,” they will say. But the purpose of a parable is to stretch into the soul of the ready, to dawn an understanding of the times. What if today were your last day?

Never before have I felt the outreach of a painted message as I did this one. Perhaps that is why the first attempt failed miserably.

Acrylic on Canvas
by Misty Bedwell

Canvas generously donated by www.tonymayoart.com


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25 thoughts on ““wide awake”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this painting! The message is bonus!

  2. The danger is there. The ears are perked up. Fantastic painting and great message to all.

  3. The cacklighting is incredible, and the colors… the depth.

  4. Dan says:

    This marks a step forward in the process doesn’t it? If you don’t see that, look again. It’s there. Like “The song of One” the sky is once again light, but brighter this time. Rather than a feeling of sun setting and something ending, now the sun is rising on a new beginning. No more sheltered or “hiddin” in deep, barely lit woods with an obscuring, falling shroud of snow to restrict and contain the vision while quieting the noises that distract and confuse. Now the senses are being aroused from a deeper place as the level of external stimulus becomes quieter. Hear the little bird again? I do.

  5. Dan says:

    In digging around my WP stuff, I found how to attach those little characters to someone’s anonymous gravatar Miss “Who me, what ever do you mean.” Again, no surprise you picked the one with the spiky hairdo. You miss my old gravatar? The body shape is annoyingly similar. Short stubby legs and gangly arms. It smiles way too much though.

  6. Trent Lewin says:

    That’s gorgeous… Algonquin Park gorgeous.

  7. blumzadeline says:

    Just really proud of you Misty! Combining “word” and “image” in such a unique way. Keep it coming.

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