“on my way!”


I had an idea for a pair of abstract paintings a few weeks ago that was repeatedly confirmed throughout the day, so I was quite eager to start them. The focus behind this one was “rags to riches” but it seemed to take on new life as I intermittently asked myself, “what’s next?” When the bird made his appearance, I felt like I had just left the concept behind in the mud and should just “go with it,” but now that it’s done I can see that it was always there.

Birds are fascinating as they are the poorest and simplest of creatures and also the most vulnerable, and rich in song. There is a definite contrast there that extends beyond the plain white bottom that is becoming overcome by the chiselled liquid silver.

The best part is not visible by photograph, and only barely to the naked eye. You have to catch it in just the right light…but when you do, you can see hundreds of footprints scattered throughout the top.

This one will be heading to Edmonton to support the Pink Wings – Hearts Arise Gala on March 1st, and will be available at the auction there with 100% of the proceeds going to help stop human trafficking in Romania.

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5 thoughts on ““on my way!”

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Images of dreams… better than dreams.

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