“…where grace finds me”


This piece calls me to a place of imagination. I have had almost three weeks with it before it is to be given away, three weeks to prepare myself for the inevitable ending. I prop it up on my mantle and it literally takes my breath away (I don’t think you’re supposed to say things like that about your own work, but I have this strange ability to look at a painting as though it is not my own).

As I become lost in the puffy clouds and crisp breeze, I feel aware, as though I just depicted my own soul on canvas. And yet it is for someone else. How does that happen? Still, they mingle intimately for a time, as though there is an uncertainty…a giving up of a sort of child for adoption. It is amazing how attached I become…almost as if I myself am related to the message.

With each new painting, I experience something I have never felt before…and yet I just keep feeling that same sense of newness. How many times can you say that before the words themselves become old?!

Only when it is given away can I start new again.

And that is where grace finds me.

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14 thoughts on ““…where grace finds me”

  1. Btoug says:

    The commend box says, ‘How do you feel’, well funny thing when I saw your latest painting I was lost for words, I just felt a lot of emotion! I didn’t read the title right away but you named it right. I was hit by the power/the emotion of God’s Grace the minute I saw it. Keep painting, God is and will keep using it to touch many lives!

    • feelingpaint says:

      Thank you soooo much for stopping by and saying so. I didn’t mention it in my post, but this canvas holds a re-paint underneath – a painting that didn’t turn out. This too, reminds me of Hod’s grace…and how He allows us a fresh start!

  2. The painting has so many layers to look at. Good job!

  3. so good… there is a simplicity and a complexity side by side… that would be awesome for a children’s book about dreams…

  4. bottledhobbies says:

    Your painting is really beautiful. It loved how you layered the clouds. I like the little details you did like the small stars and the top of the grass. It’s so easy to forget something like that.
    Your painting just takes me away and I can just imagine being there.
    I also have the hardest time giving away my paintings. I get emotionally attached to them.

    • feelingpaint says:

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. I am going to follow your blog…I like what you are doing! The splatters in the sand are really terrific. I definitely understand how hard it is to give away a painting…but I find that the emotions become more subdued over time, and it’s easier.

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