pray like rain

The same hour I started this painting, I got a text from a friend asking if I would be interested in donating a painting to a school auction. The timing isn’t always THAT perfect, but when it is…there is little point in denying it.

I just wanted to play. Splash. Make a little mess. Along the same lines, I have been toying with the idea of prayer being more than just words sometimes. If I cry a lot when I pray, does that mean God can’t hear me because I’m not saying words?

So, as I toyed with my thoughts, I began to toy with paint.


“The greatest tragedy in life is the prayers that go unanswered because they go unasked.” [Mark Batterson]

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22 thoughts on “pray like rain

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    What is art but not a prayer? The living embodiment of prayer. The demonstration towards the divine of our hopes.

  2. Dan says:

    It looks like an abstract reference to the painting in β€œBreakthrough”, Dec 04 2013, which was a bit more of an abstraction itself. I like them both. In going back, I rolled through a lot of posts that I have never seen and it looks like others haven’t either since some where without comments. I know if I go into “Notifications” in WP, I see replies and comments that I got no mail about when they were made.

    • feelingpaint says:

      Yeah, I don’t know how to fix that or even if I want to…does that sound strange? I like being obscure and hidden at times because I think the right people will see at the right time and nothing more is needed.

      I didn’t think of it being like breakthrough, but you are right! It totally is πŸ™‚

      Last week “Breakthrough” fell off my wall and when I asked God why, the response was “I am breaking through!”

  3. bottledhobbies says:

    I want to talk about how cool this painting is. Truthfully, this is not something I would expect from you, but I’m not complaining. It shows that you are a very capable artists. What I adore about this painting is that way layered the paint creating depth/thickness and the splattered paint adds so much movement. When I first saw the painting, I knew it was rain right away. What really brings the whole painting together for me, is the way you did the umbrella. The fact that you did it flat and had the white paint bouncing of it. Brilliant.

    Also, that was very nice of you to go out of your way to paint a painting for your friend on the spot.

    • feelingpaint says:

      Thank you! It was a bit of an adventure for sure! Playful is not how I paint, but I quite enjoyed it…there are little things that bother me about it, but I think thats how it is meant to be…free. Thank you for “seeing” it.

    • bottledhobbies says:

      It’s sometimes hard to let go and just go with the flow. I don’t paint playful either, so I know its hard to do something so different and outside our norm.

    • feelingpaint says:

      I might attempt it again sometime if you’ll try it too πŸ˜€

    • bottledhobbies says:

      I’ll take you up on that deal! πŸ™‚

  4. I love the colors and the thickness of the paint… and the feeling… and the fun…

  5. i love the texture in this

  6. See how you created something of beauty from something so simple…I wish I had your skills…I really do πŸ™‚

    Hope you don’t mind if I write this bit…As I write I wonder how you feel when you get praised. I get a heaviness, tightness in my solar plexus and my throat starts to tighten. Then I wonder why you stopped painting for a time. I hope that you won’t run and hide away when your work grows in popularity…I hope you will allow your self(soul)to shine and grow, through your artwork. I wonder if the old agenda will try to make you run from success…!

    I guess it’s a bit like giving healing…we have to allow ourselves to become an open channel, without allowing ego to inhibit our energy flow. The pleasure is in the giving, creating an opportunity for others to feel spiritually ‘touched’, allowing their soul to resonate with ours, just for a moment or two. Sorry if this sounds confusing!!

    If only that ‘thing’ inside us would stop restricting our talents eh!

    Also noticed that Dan hadn’t seen some of your posts…so maybe it wasn’t just me. xx

    • feelingpaint says:

      I love your thought-filled comments. You are right about feeling resistant about positive feedback. I used to hate it, but I never knew why. I have realized that I felt like it set me up for failure, that I had no room to make mistakes, and that there was no where else to go but down. It’s not that I ever performed with people in mind, but on e I realized that they were affected by my work, somehow it seemed to suck away my freedom. Weird isn’t it? I haven’t met anyone who understood that before πŸ™‚ I don’t react the same way any more…I enjoy the good comments without feeling pressured by them, but I can’t put my finger on how I got there. If there is any pride in what I do for others it is simply that I am merely a conduit in order to express a message that is bigger than I am. Letting go of the responsibility of it and giving it over to God is a daily process that I engage in and enjoy. Each painting then feels like a different type of breakthrough each with its own message. What a joy to paint with freedom. I pray you will continue to find yours as well!

  7. It’s taken a couple of days for me to find what I needed to write in response, and I wonder if I’ve gone off on a tangent slightly. I’ll post anyway…I think you will understand what I’m trying to say :)…

    I remember when I wrote my book Mentality – How changing your mind can change your life and the world!, how I went through the struggling process of accepting my ideals, concepts, work as valid, that I could help others overcome their life problems. But regardless of what others thought(I’d had samples rejected by publishers a number of times), I was determined to self-publish my work, which I did in 2009. When I held/hold the book I feel love in my heart for ‘it’, as the words did not arise from my mind, but from deep inside my soul. Maybe feeling the same as you do when you look at your art work. I feel the same passion about my Insight guidance cards that I published in 2011, as they are messages that were given through my guides over a number of years.

    And yet I find it sooo hard to promote my work. Family crisis reigned and interrupted my promotion of both the book and cards, and I can’t seem to find the enthusiasm to carry on where I left off, meaning my work sits in boxes, unread, unloved by others – because they don’t know it’s there.

    Gradually my creativity has stopped flowing, because I can’t see the point in creating something that will not be shared with others. I wonder if I have failed myself and the people who need my help! This is my struggle now…I know now that I can love my work, and feel proud that I have been able to create what I have. Recent family events have brought me to my knees…once again. However, like the phoenix rising from the ashes I hope to evolve from this latest learning curve more confident, resilient, determined and focused.

    What I’ve learned though is my ‘need’ to create, write, speak is driven from my need to express, rather than my need to share. Don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not! But what I’ve also learned is that unless our work is shared, acknowledged and appreciated by others, our creative nature remains tentative. I feel that if I’d been accepted by a publisher it would prove they thought I was good enough etc., which would have encouraged my self-confidence, which would have led me to write more.

    I believe we all need encouragement and support for our efforts, the more encouragement we get to evolve, the more evolved we will become, and the better our work will be. I wondered if self-encouragement could be enough. But I don’t think it can. Sometimes we just need others to believe in us…before we start trusting our skills are good enough!

    ….When we believe in our power, we blossom and flower…! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • feelingpaint says:

      Such heart-full thoughts you’ve shared! And I agree. I do, however, find that I shy away from accolades and recognition. Not because I don’t want it, but because I don’t trust myself to deal with it well. I would much rather write and paint and remain hidden except fir the few eyes who care, than have to deal with living up to the high praises of others. I am a simple being with complex thoughts, and love the thought of living a quiet life with full potential. We have recently sold our house, and my focus is temporarily short-sighted as we will need to find somewhere to go. Love the freedom we have to flow…feels like living in a promise. I have begun to dance in the rain again, and it is most pleasurable when no one else is watching πŸ™‚

      sure, we could be famous for the things we do, but underneath it all we only have who we ARE. That’s something to be proud of!

    • Living a quiet life…existing with and using our full creative potential sounds wonderful! Good luck with the house move…dancing in the rain feel great! I love the rain πŸ™‚

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