“the SOUND of healing”


[Will be available at the Crystal Gala silent auction fundraiser for breast cancer research, October 18, 2014.]

I actually didn’t know I had this in me…but when it came out, there was a sense of relief and joy so full it only made sense that it had actually been there all along. You see, my mom had breast cancer. Twice. And now that she is on the mend again, there is a different side of cancer journey that I am experiencing alongside her: it is the sound of healing.

I have done the violent “FIGHTER” painting to depict the strength it takes to endure the process, but this was equally as needed. There is hope.

I realize that not everyone who has cancer gets to experience this side of the journey, but all hope for it. And I think if it had a sound, this is what it would sound like…

Dance like light, where joy belongs
The paths ahead make different songs
The life inside, a gift to cherish
Beauty and hope will never perish

Music on Canvas
By Misty Bedwell

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11 thoughts on ““the SOUND of healing”

  1. Beautiful! So glad your mum is getting better…:)

  2. bottledhobbies says:

    This painting is beautiful!

    And I’m happy to hear your mother is in the healing process. Your mother really is a fighter to go through breast cancer twice. Even though she’s healing, I will still say a pray for her. You can never get enough of those, right?

    Back to the painting, I love the back round you did. I’m curious how you did. I would love to know how you did it.

    • feelingpaint says:

      Thank you for the prayers 🙂 We still need them. She has just found out that the cancer is in her bones, so now it is Stage 4.

      To be honest, I am not entirely sure how I did the background. It just happened. Lots of music was playing and I felt like I was just going for it. Hmmm…

  3. That is freakin’ beautiful!!!!!

  4. My mom died of breast cancer. I definitely see some sort of journey but also some peace and hope as well. Beautiful work.

  5. Muneeb Elahi says:

    I’m a 14 year boy.. I do not know much about painting,but I can find out the real pain it.. Sending love to your mom

    Thanks 🙂

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