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When the cutlery drawer opens…

As we moved into our new home and began to settle in over a year ago, we began to get to “know” the house.

But I didn’t expect this.

I still recall the first time I viewed the house. It was overwhelming. I won’t go into unnecessary detail, but it was difficult to envision it being mine, and I was convinced that, even though it was propped on the edge of the mountain, there was “no view.” The truth was, I simply hadn’t found it yet.

We renovated before we moved in, changing key elements to provide a sort of “blank canvas” feel. We were starting to unwrap the mystery behind the move. As we began to move in, unpack, and explore, I began to find even more things about the house that I didn’t realize were a part of the equation before. The ironing board hidden inside a drawer. The boiling water tap in the kitchen. Surprise. Joy.

And then something even deeper happened. The more we settled in, the more we became aware of something else. It will seem silly to you. But to me, it is symbolic. You see, there is something weird about the cutlery drawer. If it is not pushed solidly shut (and no one can actually explain how “solidly” and how “shut” we mean when we say this), it will open at random times during the day. Sometimes it opens right after the attempted close.

Other times it opens when I am in prayer.
Or reading something meaningful.
Or just sitting in quiet contemplation.

And then slowly the drawer slides open like an invitation to me that whatever it is that I am doing right then is important. And deeper than I think. And more meaningful than I currently know. The drawer becomes an invitation to the table.

I could say that I love my house, but now I know that it never really was about the house, and it isn’t even about a slippery drawer. As the snow falls in gigantic flakes all around me, the drawer having slide open moments before, my soul just waits, invited, to see and take a part of the present. Where I am. Where God is.

If I had my way I would have purchased the crazy expensive gigantic fork and spoon I found at one of the furniture stores last year. But now I realize that what I have is even better.

“He escorts me to the banquet hall; it’s obvious how much He loves me.”

Songs 2:4

Time to RSVP.


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“I will protect you”


Sometimes I feel really vulnerable when I am painting; at times, even afraid. The type of fear that surfaced when I was painting this was the fear of rejection, of missing the mark, and of doubt (can a painting can ever really say exactly what I want it to say?)

As I pushed through it, I realized that perhaps it was more than just me…there must be a message behind this. I began to enjoy the process of discovery, especially when I realized the name of this piece:  “I will protect you.”

It is remarkable to consider how birds survive the winter.  Yet, somehow they are protected.   I have included a tiny bird in the last few paintings because there is something about the song of a tiny, lonely little thing that I could identify with.  Although birds do not have a single possession to their name, they live in profound provision and freedom. I want to live like that too.

I will protect you


Acrylic on canvas:  Misty Bedwell

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“All things beautiful”


This painting was the first of what I hope will be many inspired paintings.

The inspiration caught me off-guard because I was sitting in my brother-in-law’s living room, drinking coffee and watching the kids.  Suddenly, I found myself looking at a freshly painted purple wall over their mantel.  At that point, it was as if a beam of light was shining down on me and I was suspended in mid-air.  I have no idea how long I stared at their blank wall.  I told them right away that I would find something to put there.  Still, it took a few more months, and another visit to finally “see” the trees that were right outside the kitchen window.  Finally, I knew!  I took pictures, and was amazed at how the leaves held on.  Now I could start painting as soon as I got home.

The title of this piece was given to me as I painted it; the words mulling over in my head like a beautiful song. I contemplated how the Lord makes all things beautiful in His timing, and this verse expanded my heart as I painted.  Likewise, I felt as though there was no choice:  the background MUST be white.

Looking at it after it was finished, I was able to understand more.  I realized that I was painting their family tree. Its foundation is purity through grace.  The tree itself reminds me of a picture you might see in a children’s book, which is innocent and whimsical.  The two separate trees growing together are a reflection of their lives.

Acrylic on Canvas
by Misty Bedwell

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