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Consuming, by Misty Bedwell, feeling paint

This painting was an 18-month-long process that took on many different colours and sizes after the flicker of inspiration first gripped me.  Had I known it would need so much time and uncertainty to become fully alive, I probably would have asked myself different questions along the way.

However, “not knowing” caused me to learn more about these things:

  • I don’t have to know what it is going to look like before I start.
  • The first time likely isn’t going to be the best time.
  • Unfinished is beautiful too.
  • Mistakes are opportunities to be creative.

I have felt so thankful for those who have displayed copious amounts of patience with my process (longest painting EVER!)  In this case, time was a necessary key to inspiration.  If I were brave, I would show you all the “FAILed” prior attempts, but I hesitate simply because I cannot yet describe WHY they didn’t meet the expression I was looking for.  It is the indescribable knowing that it’s not right that draws me back to the drawing board time and again, not with discouragement (as some would suppose), but with time-taught determination.

“Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore, I have set my face like a stone, determined to do his will. And I know that I will not be put to shame.”

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sometimes I dip my paintbrush in coffee

…aaaaaand sometimes I dip it in tea. It’s not my fault that I have no where else on the table to put my mug. Not really. Besides, the elevated risk of slowly poisoning myself with paint keeps life that much more exciting.

Speaking of excitement, here are some other ways I like to keep the colors flowing in front of the canvas:  

I think about all the strange things I’m afraid of, like…

1. Hitting the end of paint tube (admittedly like coming to the end of a chocolate bar. sniff. over too soon.) Looks like it’s time for larger paint tubes!

2. Getting paint on my clothes (AGAIN? stupid stupid stupid.)

3. Getting it juuuuuust right only to find…a hair. or a ball of hair. lint? grrrr…

4. People coming into my studio dining room and recognizing that’s not a tarp on my floor…its a used plastic mattress pad!

5. I dislike spiders, I’m not afraid of them…totally not going with spiders here. Although sometimes I wonder what would happen if a spider made a web on my canvas. That would be inspired.

6. Giving a painting to someone who doesn’t like it or want it (now that was honest!)

“Keep the coffee on, my friends…”


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“shine on me”

A silhouetted bird sits under the quiet communion of a slivered moon, with the expectation of hope. Hidden among the branches, yet touched by the moon’s glow, his heart cries “see me…know me…love me.” Up to this point, there was too much fear to courageously reach out and be known…people might not like what they know. But this quiet moment, the heart allows itself to be reflected, just as the moon reflects the sun; and peace shines for a time.


Acrylic on canvas
by Misty Bedwell

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“life time”

This painting reads like a diary, if you can read between the branches.  Let’s pretend it’s yours.

Throughout life, opportunities exist. You will be pressed to respond to outward circumstances, and be able to make up your own!  The trees in this painting represent your life’s adventures. Some trees grow taller than others as nourishment and seasons vary, but each bears fruit as you use your resources to feed and heal others.

This painting was an “audience participation” project.  I was supplied with the clock face to fit in the canvas, and took the risk to slice into it with a knife knowing that I may have to start over again if I got it wrong.  But isn’t that just typical?

The risk was worth it. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


Acrylic on canvas:  Misty Bedwell


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“I will protect you”


Sometimes I feel really vulnerable when I am painting; at times, even afraid. The type of fear that surfaced when I was painting this was the fear of rejection, of missing the mark, and of doubt (can a painting can ever really say exactly what I want it to say?)

As I pushed through it, I realized that perhaps it was more than just me…there must be a message behind this. I began to enjoy the process of discovery, especially when I realized the name of this piece:  “I will protect you.”

It is remarkable to consider how birds survive the winter.  Yet, somehow they are protected.   I have included a tiny bird in the last few paintings because there is something about the song of a tiny, lonely little thing that I could identify with.  Although birds do not have a single possession to their name, they live in profound provision and freedom. I want to live like that too.

I will protect you


Acrylic on canvas:  Misty Bedwell

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