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I really enjoy the process of making prophetic art, because it can take many twists and turns and surprises along the way.  Typically, I will have a word, a colour, a shape, or a person to start with.

On this particular day, I only had the desire to paint.  And then a request for a painting came in.  I don’t think I have EVER painted on a request before, and I said so, but I also said, “I will pray about it.”  Little did I know that the desire to paint was right in front of me.  Within a few minutes a song began to roll off my lips, and the painting poured out with more passion that I could ever imagine was possible…what a gift!
Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall
Running wild and free
You hear my heart when I call, when I call
Deep calls, too deep
Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall
Raining down on me
[Chris Tomlin]
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“wide awake”

At first glance, they appear safe. But how safe are they…really?

The sun is dawning on the wind. The smells of a slowly heating valley find their way to three nocturnal noses…spending the last moments of their day standing at attention. What happens next could be very important.

This painting is a prophetic call from the Creator of the wilderness to “wake up.

But why? What dangers could possibly be lurking under a canopy of beauty as this? Surely sleep is more beneficial, you know, to one’s health.

Like Jesus’ parables, many hear but not understand. “Nice picture,” they will say. But the purpose of a parable is to stretch into the soul of the ready, to dawn an understanding of the times. What if today were your last day?

Never before have I felt the outreach of a painted message as I did this one. Perhaps that is why the first attempt failed miserably.

Acrylic on Canvas
by Misty Bedwell

Canvas generously donated by www.tonymayoart.com


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“heaven’s answer”

under a dusk-painted sky
two birds renew
their song of hope
perched under heaven’s answer
to their shadow’s tune
caught in a vision
seen by the light
feeling restoration
an old soul shines bright


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“I will protect you”


Sometimes I feel really vulnerable when I am painting; at times, even afraid. The type of fear that surfaced when I was painting this was the fear of rejection, of missing the mark, and of doubt (can a painting can ever really say exactly what I want it to say?)

As I pushed through it, I realized that perhaps it was more than just me…there must be a message behind this. I began to enjoy the process of discovery, especially when I realized the name of this piece:  “I will protect you.”

It is remarkable to consider how birds survive the winter.  Yet, somehow they are protected.   I have included a tiny bird in the last few paintings because there is something about the song of a tiny, lonely little thing that I could identify with.  Although birds do not have a single possession to their name, they live in profound provision and freedom. I want to live like that too.

I will protect you


Acrylic on canvas:  Misty Bedwell

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“secret place”

The only sound is the delicate tap of the snow that begins to fall like glitter on a secluded place. Home to a bird, perhaps, and a mysterious presence of peace that can be found only when you make time to be alone and quiet.

When was the last time you found that place?


Painting by Misty Bedwell
Acrylic on canvas

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“The song of One”


Most people will look at this painting and miss it. Sure, they will see the colors, and recognize that it depicts a beautiful piece of scenery. But the inspiration beneath this piece is so tiny, that if you want pause to look, you will not regret it.

It is a song. And as you realize that the tiny little bird has captured the entire scene, it’s as though you can hear his gift. Although he is very much alone, his song calls out to those who would see and hear.

And to those who notice him, he blesses. It really only takes one who knows his purpose to inspire others to walk in theirs. Look closely.


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